According to our By-Laws, membership to the Atlantic District is defined as:

"Any organization of women affiliated with WRJ and located within the geographical boundaries of the district shall be eligible for membership.  Women who have joined WRJ as individual members are also eligible for membership.

Any individual woman who identifies with and supports the objectives of WRJ and resides within the geographical boundaries of the district may be considered for membership by completing a membership form and paying dues.  She shall enjoy all privileges of membership"

Click here for the Dues Request Letter from our District Treasurer, Janet Katz




WRJ Atlantic District Dues 2018-2019

WRJ Atlantic District Dues 2017-2018

WRJ Atlantic District Dues 2016-2017

For dues forms from 2014-2015 & 2015-2016, refer to pages 97 and 98 in the District Manual

For an Expense Report form, refer to page 92 in the District Manual

For a Check Request and Advanced Payment Check Request forms, refer to pages 93 and 94 in the District Manual