WRJ Lilith Salons

WRJ Lilith Salons bring stimulating discussion about timely Jewish and feminist issues to sisterhoods around the world so that members can learn about new topics, understand different perspectives, and engage in lively conversations. These Salons are comprised of sisterhood women who get together four times a year to converse about thought-provoking articles from the quarterly Lilith Magazine, utilizing WRJ-provided complimentary background articles, prompts, and discussion questions.

Since 2006, the WRJ Lilith Salons program has grown to include dozens of sisterhoods from across the U.S. and Canada. Participants of these sisterhood Salons speak highly of their experiences and have repeatedly mentioned that it’s a key way to involve congregational women who have never previously attended a sisterhood program.

How to Start a WRJ Lilith Salon

  • Recruit women to sign-up for your Salon. Salon participants must be a member of a WRJ-affiliated sisterhood.
  • Appoint a Salon leader or facilitator from among the participants.
  • Have all participants complete the Lilith Salon Subscription Form (even if they are already a subscriber). The special WRJ reduced rate for a one-year subscription in the U.S. is $21.97; outside of the U.S. it is $21.97 + $13 for shipping.
  • Mail your form and payment to:
                Women of Reform Judaism
                633 Third Avenue, 7th Floor
                New York, NY 10017
                Attn: Heather Lorgeree

How to Run a WRJ Lilith Salon

  • Upon receipt of your sisterhood’s subscriptions, WRJ will send the Salon leader/facilitator guidelines for running a Salon, including parameters for when to schedule your quarterly Salons (Note: Please allow at least six weeks from subscription submission to hold the first Salon).
  • For each quarterly issue, WRJ will email the Salon leader/facilitator complimentary background articles and discussion questions to get the conversation started.

To request additional information, complimentary sample issues and discussion materials, or learn more, please contact WRJ Engagement Associate Jenny Levy at jelevy@wrj.org or 212.650.4060.