WRJ Ner Tamid Society

Securing Our Future

Securing Our Future

“I did not find this world desolate when I entered it.
My parents planted for me before I was born,

So I plant for those who will come after me.”


Making a planned gift offers the opportunity to ensure your legacy and to continue your support in perpetuity. Your bequest will enable WRJ to continue strengthening Reform Judaism from l’dor vador (from generation to generation) and promises tomorrow’s Jews a strong future. Because you are planning today, WRJ will grow and thrive in its second century. Download our brochure to learn more. 

The WRJ Ner Tamid Society furthers the mission of Women of Reform Judaism to ensure the future of Reform Judaism worldwide. By guaranteeing that WRJ has the resources necessary to reach its goals and objectives, your generous bequest provides an eternal light, a ner tamid, for all the generations that follow.

“WRJ has been a valuable part of my adult life, providing me skills, goals, and wonderful friendships. I wish the same for all our sisters, so this gift is for WRJ and the future.” -Hillary Handwerger, z’’l WRJ Board Member 2013-2019

By designating WRJ as a beneficiary of your estate and notifying WRJ of your intention to make a planned gift, you will become a member of the WRJ Ner Tamid Society.

We remember and honor amazing women who considered WRJ in their planned giving:

Rosel Hoffberger z’’l

Nancy Pompan z’’l

Hillary Handwerger z"l

For more information on becoming a member, please contact WRJ Manager of Philanthropy Shari Schulner at sschulner@wrj.org or 212.650.4072.