What is the Northeast District?

The Northeast District of Women of Reform Judaism includes Eastern Canada, New England, and New York State.

I belong to the sisterhood of my synagogue. Am I am member of the Northeast District?

If your sisterhood is affiliated with Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ), and is located in Eastern Canada, New England, or New York State, then you are a member of the Northeast District of WRJ.

How do I know if my sisterhood/women's group is a member of WRJ?

Here's a list of sisterhoods/women's groups affiliated with WRJ.

My sisterhood/women's group is not a member of the WRJ. How can we join?

Your sisterhood/women's group can apply for affiliation with WRJ. Once it is affiliated with WRJ, if it is located in the Northeast District, you will be a member of the Northeast District.

I do not belong to a WRJ-affiliated sisterhood/women's group. Can I join WRJ?

If you are not a member of a sisterhood/women's group – or if your sisterhood/women's group does not belong to WRJ – you can become an individual member of WRJ. Once you join WRJ as an individual member, if you live in Eastern Canada, New England or New York State, you will automatically become a member of the Northeast District.

How can I contact the Northeast District?

You can contact the Northeast District by sending an email to wrjnortheast@gmail.com.



I have more questions. What should I do?

Email any questions you may have to wrjnortheast@gmail.com.

Partners in Reform Judaism located in the Northeast District

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