Area Directors, WRJ Northeast District 2018-2020


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The Northeast District offers many resources to its sisterhoods regarding leadership development, membership growth, program ideas, and more.

Additioinally, WRJ offers a panoply of resources for your sisterhood; see WRJ RESOURCES in the sidebar.

Northeast District Speakers Bureau

Your sisterhood is entitled to a speaker!

Each sisterhood in the Northeast District is entitled to a district speaker once every two years without expense to the sisterhood. READ ABOUT DISTRICT SPEAKERS

In alternate years, you can invite a WRJ SPEAKER.

Area Directors

Your area director is your direct link to the Northeast District.

Each sisterhood is assigned an area director who calls your sisterhood president several times a year to "check in" with her. The area director will report on Northeast District or WRJ happenings, but most importantly, she is there to hear what's going on in your sisterhood. If you have a special concern, she can help, or guide you to someone who can. READ ABOUT AREA DIRECTORS

Membership and Dues

The key to every sisterhood is membership.

Every sisterhood wants to attract more members and potential leaders. The question is: How do we do this? OUR MEMBERSHIP AND DUES PAGE has answers, a link to WRJ's "Membership Matters" brochure, as well as information about Northeast District dues and the Northeast District Fund, our volunatry fund.


The key to every sisterhood is membership, and the key to membership is marketing.

The way to attract new members often depends on how you market your sisterhood. OUR MARKETING TOOLS WEBPAGE contains ideas for spreading the word about your sisterhood in your synaogogue and beyond.


Click on the links below to read about successful and repeatable programs and projects in the Northeast District.

We also encourage you to take advantage of WRJ's many programs, affiliate services, and leadership development services.

Leadership Update Form

Please complete and submit the Sisterhood Leadership Information form to report leadership changes as soon as they occur.

Our logo is available to you!

You may use the Northeast District logo for your sisterhood stationery, newsletter, webpage, emails, or any other sisterhood purpose.

To save a copy of this image:

  1. Right-click on the image until a dialog box appears.
  2. Select "Save Image As..." or "Save Picture As..." or something similar.
  3. Save the image to your desktop or some location that you will remember.

The logo will download, without the baby blue border, as a png file. After downloading, it can be resized and/or saved in alternative formats.