Northeast District Converntion, November 2016 


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Liaison with WRJ

The Northeast District is the link between Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) and Reform sisterhoods and women's groups in Eastern Canada, New England, and New York. We encourage understanding and support of WRJ's programs, as well as participation in WRJ's activities and projects. We also provide direct services and leadership training for our members and sisterhoods through a variety of meetings within the Northeast District each year.


Northeast District Conventions are held in the fall of even-numbered years, and are the main gathering for WRJ sisterhood members and leaders in the Northeast District. Attendees have the opportunity to meet other women with similar interests and goals, to receive inspiration and information from district leaders and to hear invited guest speakers during several days of learning, connecting, worshipping, and decision-making, which includes voting for new Northeast District officers, the next fiscal budget, and any constitutional changes. Attendees learn techniques for developing new leaders, sisterhood programs and projects, and share suggestions for the betterment of the district and its sisterhoods.

Northeast District Convention, November 2016


Area Events

Northeast District Area Events are held on a weekend for a group of local area sisterhoods and organized by one or more Northeast District Area Directors. They are opportunities for members to gain new skills to take back to their own sisterhoods and learn about WRJ initiatives.


Panel, New York Area Event, January 2016

Kallahs and Retreats

Northeast District Sisterhood Events which are held in odd-number years, provide training and bonding for district and sisterhood leaders.

2015-April-LeadershipKallah2 (1).jpg

Northeast District Kallah, April 2015


Sisterhood Programming

Many sisterhoods in the Northeast District have staged events that can be duplicated by your group. They have provided descriptions and tools that you can use.


WRJ Events

Women from the Northeast District attend the Fried Leadership Conference and other international events along with Reform / Progressive Jewish women from across North America and around the world. We have gathered at WRJ Assemblies in the past.

2015Assembly-NortheastDelegates-sm (1).jpg

Northeast District Delegates, WRJ Assembly, November 2015



Read about WRJ's critical issues and resolutions, including PAY EQUITY, WOMEN'S RIGHTS, and SOCIAL JUSTICE.

The Northeast District and the United Nations

In 1945, Dr. Jane Evans took a leave of absence from her post as executive director to become keynote speaker and State Department consultant to the U.S. delegation that took part in the drafting of the Charter of the United Nations. Our participation is ongoing.

From Roz Shapiro at the 65th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference, "2015 and Beyond – Our Action Agenda":

(2014) Ambassador Power's remarks at the opening plenary concerning the need for civil society to be the movers and doers in changing the world were echoed by Jan Eliasson, U.N. Deputy Secretary General, when he said that we live in very critical times, with Cold War ghosts coming out of Europe and with unspeakably brutal events in places such as Iraq and Honduras, we in civil society must understand that "no one can do everything but everyone can do something."When I heard this my thoughts went to our faith tradition's call of Tikun Olam. READ ROZ SHAPIRO'S FULL REPORT

Partners in Reform Judaism located in the Northeast District

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