WRJ Northeast District Board Installation, October 2018

The Northeast District is one of the eight districts of Women of Reform Judaism. It is composed of sixty-seven affiliate sisterhoods and women's groups representing over 6,000 women in New York, New England, and Eastern Canada. We also welcome individual members of WRJ who reside in the Northeast District.

Sisterhood is everywhere! Our members are women from every walk of life. What they share is that they are Reform/Progressive Jews, and they are committed to liberal Jewish values and community.

Stronger together! We want to help our sisterhoods and individual members grow with the support of the many dedicated district officers and area directors, and the wonderful resources from Women of Reform Judaism.

Northeast District Executive Committee

How is the Northeast District Organized?

The Executive Committee of the Northeast District is made up of a president, a first vice president, four vice presidents, a treasurer, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, membership secretary, area directors, and the two immediate past presidents of the Northeast District.

THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS includes the Executive Committee, committee chairs, the remaining past District presidents, WRJ Board members residing in the Northeast District, and the president of each affiliated sisterhood or women's group in good standing, or her duly-appointed representative.

Sharon-and-Trina.jpgFirst Vice President Sharon Sobel and President Trina Novak

Northeast District Officers

How Can I Join?

Join a sisterhood that is affiliated with WRJ. Our sisterhoods welcome new members. FIND A SISTERHOOD IN THE NORTHEAST DISTRICT

Affiliate your sisterhood with WRJ. If your sisterhood is not part of WRJ, but it is in a Reform / Progressive Jewish congregation, your sisterhood is eligible to join WRJ. APPLY FOR YOUR SISTERHOOD TO JOIN WRJ

Join as an individual member. Upon receipt of your application, WRJ Manager of Program & Affiliate Services Heather Lorgeree will contact you. BECOME AN INDIVIDUAL MEMBER OF WRJ

The Canadian Perspective

The Northeast District of WRJ includes provinces of Eastern Canada.

From a Canadian sister:

(October 2018) My name is Ruthe Schipper and I am a past president of Holy Blossom Sisterhood in Toronto, Ontario. I did four years of a two-year term. I have just been installed as Corresponding Secretary of the Northeast District of WRJ.

When Trina Novak asked me to do the “Canadian Perspective,” I told her I was honoured – h-o-n-o-u-r-e-d.

When my cheque is in the mail, it is spelled c-h-e-q-u-e. When I see the word c-h-e-c-k, I want to check to make sure you are OK.

I live in a province, not a state. I have a postal code, not a zip code. My postal code has numbers… and letters!

When I order a Diet Coke, I am ordering a pop. When I hear the word “soda,” I think of Canada Dry Soda Water.

My wallet, keys, pens, and other miscellaneous items that I need to take with me each day go into my purse rather than a pocketbook.

My alphabet goes from A to zed.

Canada is now the world’s largest legal marijuana marketplace as pot prohibition ended on October 17, 2018.


Have Questions?

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Partners in Reform Judaism located in the Northeast District

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