WRJ Speakers Bureau

The WRJ Speakers Bureau aims to help develop leadership skills, provide education, and bring spirituality within sisterhoods by sending dynamic, experienced WRJ leader(s) to lead a special weekend-long event for your sisterhood. The WRJ Speakers Bureau is the perfect opportunity to have a WRJ Officer, WRJ Executive Committee member, WRJ Past President, or WRJ Board alumna share knowledge, expertise, and training skills with your sisterhood leaders, members, and congregation.

Eligibility Requirements

Sisterhoods in good standing with both WRJ and their WRJ District are qualified to have a WRJ North American Representative visit for no charge once every two years. (WRJ Districts also have a Speakers Bureau where sisterhoods are eligible to have a local representative during alternate years to the WRJ North American speaker. Please contact your WRJ District directly for more information.)

Policies & Procedures

  • Host sisterhood(s) must have a WRJ North American speaker for a minimum of two days. (If your sisterhood would like a speaker for one day or less, please contact the WRJ District to request a local representative.)
  • Host sisterhood(s) must provide all local transportation and meals during the speaking engagement (including to/from airport and events). WRJ will cover the cost of airfare and hotel for the speaker. 
  • The WRJ representative must be given the opportunity to meet with the host sisterhood(s) board(s) in addition to any other scheduled events.
  • Host sisterhood(s) must complete and return either electronically or by mail the WRJ Speakers Bureau evaluation form after the visit.
  • If host sisterhood(s) cancels after a WRJ representative has been confirmed, the host sisterhood(s) will be financially responsible and billed by WRJ for the full amount of any nonrefundable travel expenses incurred.

Ensuring a Good WRJ Speakers Visit

  • Have the WRJ Representative meet privately with sisterhood and congregation leaders.
  • Allow the WRJ Representative to provide leadership training sessions to assist your board members in dealing with specific needs and concerns within your sisterhood.
  • Invite other local WRJ sisterhoods to participate in all or part of the weekend’s events.

WRJ Speakers Bureau Representatives can attend any type of program related to sisterhood and WRJ, including but not limited to:

  • New Board training or installation
  • Special celebrations
  • Sisterhood Shabbat
  • Kallah Weekend
  • Leadership Training Retreat

WRJ Speakers Bureau Representatives can conduct workshops on topics related to sisterhood and WRJ, including but are not limited to:

  • Leadership training
  • Increasing membership
  • Sisterhood programming
  • Fundraising and fiscal management
  • Identifying and developing new leaders
  • Marketing your sisterhood
  • Strategic planning
  • Conflict resolution
  • Torah study
  • YES Fund (Youth, Education, and Special Projects)
  • WRJ programming and advocacy
  • WRJ highlights and history

For more information about WRJ Speakers Bureau, please contact WRJ Manager of Engagement Heather Lorgeree at hlorgeree@wrj.org or 212.650.4063.