WRJ/Chai Mitzvah

WRJ is partnering with Chai Mitzvah to help build and deepen Jewish connections within your sisterhood, congregation and community. Chai Mitzvah is easy to implement, with an established curriculum using facilitator guides and resources from Chai Mitzvah educators. The program is also adaptable to your interests and the interests of your community with text-based, relevant topics of study.

It’s quite an education, especially studying and discussing the texts on interpersonal relationships. They teach people how to get along with each other and not mess up the way in which they come together. It’s a powerful message.


—University Synagogue Sisterhood, Los Angeles, CA

Reasons to Become a Chai Mitzvah

  • Creates new and lasting bonds among members of the sisterhood and congregation. 
  • Adds newly engaged members of the sisterhood, congregation, and the greater Jewish community who are excited about living Jewish lives.
  • Encourages members to live a Jewish life in a meaningful way.
  • Models life-long learning for youth and others in the community.
  • Provides a deep and rich adult engagement opportunity that engages the mind in both group and self-directed learning engages the heart and soul with ritual/practice; and engages the community through volunteering.
  • Is affordable: only $72 for group registration, and $36 per person per year (paid for all together by the group leader). WRJ-affiliated groups can register now with a special 10% discount: $65 per group (plus $36 per person per year).
  • For WRJ-affiliated groups: includes dedicated webinars and supplemental materials relevant to WRJ women.

NEW: View a sample WRJ-focused supplement guide for the first Chai Mitzvah topic: Adult Rites of Passage.

"It is such a joy to hear how each participant is uniquely embracing Jewish ritual, continuing Jewish study and community involvement and to see the group bond as we experience each other's Jewish Journeys together."


—Temple Israel Sisterhood, Memphis, TN

How to Become a Chai Mitzvah

  • Arrange a group of interested and dedicated participants. We recommend 10-12 members per group, but there is no requirement.
  • Appoint a designated Chai Mitzvah liaison to register your group on the Chai Mitzvah website. Groups affiliated with a WRJ sisterhood should be sure to indicate so in order to receive the 10% discount on group registration.
  • Each member should also register individually on the website, in order to ensure they receive their certificate following completion of the program.
  • The designated Chai Mitzvah group liaison then needs to order the group's materials to get started.
  • Keep an eye out for information about educational webinars and other tools from WRJ & Chai Mitzvah! 

“Our group of women although all members of sisterhood and our congregation has never done a project together. We look forward to getting to know each other and learning together.”


—Congregation B'nai Israel Sisterhood, Boca Raton, FL

Questions? Read our Chai Mitzvah FAQs.

If you don't see an answer to your question, contact WRJ Engagement Associate Jenny Levy at jelevy@wrj.org or 212.650.4060.