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Freedom to Vote and John Lewis Acts

The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act will respond to the needs and priorities of voters by restoring critical protections against racially discriminatory laws.


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January 23 Tenement Museum Virtual Tour

Join the WRJ Northeast District for a virtual visit to the Lower East Side of Manhattan on a 90‑minute tour of the Tenement Museum

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Blog Posts from Women in the Northeast District

Parashah Bo

January 6, 2022
Parashah Bo begins with the most dramatic of God’s plagues upon the Egyptians: the infestation of locusts that destroys the life-giving crops, the shroud of darkness that covers the land, and the precise time of the death knell for all the firstborn: at midnight of the fifteenth day of the month of Nissan.

Navigating the December Dilemma

December 17, 2021
One December day, many years ago, I was approached by a member of my congregation who was extremely agitated and needed to speak with me immediately. “We need to boycott Starbucks!” he asserted. After some gentle probing as to the source of his anger, he explained that when he picked up his daily cup of joe, it was handed to him in their red-with-stars cups for the Christmas season.

Parashah Chayei Sarah

October 28, 2021
Parashah Chayei Sarah resonated with me in ways I never thought could be possible from a biblical story. I truly wondered how a story thousands of years old could relate to my life today, and how it would resonate. The parashah name, which when translated actually means the ‘Life of Sarah’, is quite ironic because this parashah is not really about Sarah’s life but about her death, or is it?

Tu BiShvat is coming

- 14 Shevat 5782 to 15 Shevat 5782

Tu BiShvat or the "New Year of the Trees" is Jewish Arbor Day. The holiday is observed on the 15th (tu) of the Hebrew month of Shvat. Scholars believe that originally Tu BiShvat was an agricultural festival, marking the emergence of spring.

Message from WRJ Northeast District President Sharon Sobel

Celebrating Our Stories – Our WRJ Northeast Journey


We take pride in our ability to live the life we imagined for ourselves, to fulfill the plans we may have first dreamt about as children. And while some of those dreams might have been dashed by disappointments, we can cite only a few instances in our collective history when nearly all of us have been confronted with one unexpected event challenging nearly all our plans. Whatever filled our glasses at midnight on December 31, 2019, splashed back on us a couple of months later. But it awakened us to a new reality, still bubbling with possibility.

I’m proud to serve as your president of Women of Reform Judaism–Northeast District in such times, but even more honored to be numbered among the women who have committed so much of themselves to the story we have been celebrating for over a hundred years.

Our resolve has been strong and is a testament to our enduring mission. This is not the first pandemic to threaten us, and for a century WRJ has fought for women’s rights, the survival of the Jewish people, and against injustice throughout the world. We have given voice to those who could not tell their own story, and to those whose story becomes our story, as we amplify it a million times over, demanding to be heard.

Our reason for being goes beyond hosting membership dinners, running Judaica shops, and selling mahjong cards, as has been amply demonstrated over these many years. Those things and more give us pleasure, but the mission of Women of Reform Judaism gives us purpose. The events we’ve held this year, unlike all others, have clarified that for us and may very well impact our programming for years to come, even while we long to reconvene in a hotel, share Shabbat dinner with friends and sisters, and worship together in one room.

We are all, together, writing our narrative but it is only one chapter in a long and celebrated history. It takes place in all our sisterhoods and women’s groups, in each of our towns and cities in New England, New York, Eastern Canada, and extends to every place where there is work to be done and friends to be made. It is crafted by our Executive Committee, board members, sisterhood presidents, presenters, clergy, and all of you who choose to share your time and talents with us.

And it’s a good story, deserving to be celebrated because all of us will contribute to it with pages we may not yet imagine, and chapters not yet dreamt. As is true of many engaging tales, our narrative has been filled with challenges and disappointments, especially over the past year, but we are steadfast in our mission. Our voices are stronger together and we are resolved to accomplish great things.

You can make a difference!

Sharon Sobel
President, Northeast District

Click here to read a welcome message from Northeast District's Immediate Past President, Trina Novak.

YES Fund Honor Roll header

Thank you to YES Fund Honor Roll Recipients
in the Northeast District

Roll of Chai Honor
Temple B'nai Torah Sisterhood - Wantagh, NY
Temple Concord Sisterhood - Binghamton, NY

Roll of Special Merit
Beth El Temple Center Sisterhood - Belmont, MA
Central Synagogue-Beth Emeth Sisterhood - Rockville Centre, NY
Congregation Beth Emeth Sisterhood - Albany, NY
Congregation Beth Israel Sisterhood - West Hartford, CT
Sisterhood of The Community Synagogue - Port Washington, NY
Women of Am Echad - Lynbrook, NY

Roll of Honor
Free Synagogue of Flushing Sisterhood - Flushing, NY
Temple B'nai Chaim Sisterhood - Georgetown, CT
Temple Emanuel Sisterhood - Andover, MA
Temple Shalom of Newton Sisterhood - Newton, MA
Women's Leadership Council of Temple Israel - New York, NY
WRJ of Rockland County - Nyack, NY
WRJ/Sisterhood of Community Synagogue of Rye - Rye, NY

Thank you for making WRJ stronger!

See the complete YES Fund Honor Roll


Or Ami Winners 2020

Established in 1973, the WRJ Or Ami “Light of My People” Award recognizes exemplary social justice, community service, and educational programming that serves as a model for other WRJ Districts and sisterhoods.

Congratulations to the Or Ami Winners in the Northeast District

Gold Award Winner

The Community Synagogue Sisterhood, Port Washington, NY
Sisterhood and Teenage Youth Group Tikkun Olam Project

The Community Synagogue Sisterhood worked with over 100 teenagers from their youth group, teaching about the mitzvah of comforting the ill. The teens made heart-shaped pillows and supportive cards for cancer patients. The pillows provide underarm cushion for patients who have had lymph nodes removed and protect chest chemotherapy ports from seat belts.

Silver Award Winner

B'nai Israel Sisterhood, Southbury, CT
Sisterhood's Bat Mitzvah – 13 Events for 13 Years

In recognition of B’nai Israel’s sisterhood's creation in February 2006 and their thirteen-year affiliation with WRJ, they developed thirteen inclusive programs culminating in a bat mitzvah celebration. Participation in their Friday evening and Shabbat morning services represented multiple generations and their diverse community.

Honorable Mentions

Beth El Temple Center Sisterhood, Belmont, MA
BETC Reads, A Social Justice Book Group

Temple Beth Zion Sisterhood, Amherst, NY
Intergenerational Women's Seder

Temple Isaiah Sisterhood, Lexington, MA
Yom HaShoah Education and Observance for Children, Families, and Community

Women's Leadership Council of Temple Israel, New York, NY
Women’s Seder

WRJ Northeast District
Comfort Blankets for Cancer Patients

Partners of Reform Judaism located in the Northeast District

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