About WRJ

Our Mission Statement:

Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) strengthens the voice of women worldwide and empowers them to create caring communities, nurture congregations, cultivate personal and spiritual growth, and advocate for and promote progressive Jewish values.

About Us:

Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) is a network of Jewish women working together to empower women and communities through the bonds of sisterhood, spirituality, and social justice.

WRJ cultivates sisterhood, empowering Reform Jewish women to find strength, joy, and connection in their communities. 

WRJ inspires spiritual growth by enriching contemporary life with Jewish rituals, traditions, culture, and opportunities for lifelong learning. 

Leading with the principle of Tikkun Olam, WRJ mobilizes collective action on a variety of causes to create a more just and compassionate world for all people of all backgrounds and identities. 

Black and white photo of women in 1913 at the start of WRJ

Our History

For over 100 years, WRJ has had an illustrious and extensive history of being at the forefront of social action and change, advancing the role of women in Jewish life, and supporting the growth of Reform institutions around the world. Today, we continue to work tirelessly to support important social justice issues while bringing women together to develop personal relationships, facilitate strong leaders, and create a joyful community of faith.

Family sitting on stairs

WRJ in the Present

Today, hundreds of WRJ-affiliated sisterhoods and many individual members gain access to a vast network of membership, programming, and leadership resources as well as the opportunity to network with thousands of other women and make a difference around the world.

WRJ Leadership

Leadership & Board

WRJ's President, Executive Committee, and Board help articulate and promote our vision, develop and implement major initiatives and policies, inspire women leaders worldwide, and consult on project strategies essential to WRJ's success.

Chai Society

Created in 2010, WRJ's Chai Society helps our Board alumnae continue their involvement with WRJ, mentor and inspire rising leaders and make a difference in the Reform movement and beyond.

Our Team

Our Staff

WRJ is home to a hardworking and creative professional staff who oversee marketing and communications, events and leadership, philanthropy, programs, and affiliate services for sisterhoods & Districts and the organization as a whole.

WRJ Career Opportunities

Join our team and help WRJ and the rest of the Reform Movement strengthen the voices of women in congregational life and ensure the future of Reform Judaism worldwide. We are not currently hiring. Please check back for future opportunities!