Israel & Global Affairs

Since WRJ was established, our women have been deeply engaged in issues of international importance, including supporting peace efforts through international bodies, promoting human rights, and advocacy around global health and international development initiatives. WRJ is a recognized Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) at the United Nations and works with other Jewish and women’s NGOs to address these international issues of concern.

WRJ has advocated for and supported the State of Israel from its earliest days and works in partnership with the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ), the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC), Women of the Wall (WOW), and WRJ-Israel, composed of nearly 30 Israeli women’s groups. We are committed to the peace process as well as advancing religious pluralism and equal rights for women in Israel. WRJ cares deeply about international Jewry and works collaboratively with the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ) and other organizations to secure the rights and well-being of Jews wherever they live.

Following the attacks on October 7, 2023, WRJ jumped to action in support of our partners in Israel. We stand with the people of Israel during these difficult and challenging days and pray for the safety and immediate release of all of the hostages.

As the war progresses, WRJ will continue to update our resource page accordingly. 


Israel Resolutions, Statements, and Advocacy Alerts

2024: WRJ Executive Committee: We Will Never Be Silent

2024: Reform Jewish Women Lead Unprecedented Solidarity Mission to Israel 

2024: The Moment We Are In, The Future We Pray For

2024: Reform Movement Responds to International Court of Justice Ruling on Israel-Hamas War

2024: North American Reform Jewish Movement Renews Call for Release of Hostages Held by Hamas

2024: Reform Jewish Women Praise Resolution Condemning Sexual Violence Committed by Hamas

2023: Reform Leaders Respond to Hamas Terrorist Attacks in Israel

2023: Reform Jewish Women Condemn Kidnappings, Other Crimes of War, Targeting Women, Children, and the Elderly by Hamas

2023: Reform Movement Applauds Partial Hostage Release Deal; Urges Continued Advocacy for Hostages

2022: WRJ Says: The Western Wall belongs to us all!

2017: Pluralism in Israel

2016: Condemning Burning of Prayerbooks at the Kotel

2012: The Rights of Women in Israel

2011: WRJ Responds to Current Concerns Regarding Israel

2007: Statement on Iran (Advocacy Guide)

2007: Israel's 60th Anniversary and ARZA's 30th Anniversary (Advocacy Guide)

2003: Israel Advocacy (Advocacy Guide)

2001: Seeking Peace (Advocacy Guide)

2000: A Time for Peace

1997: Reform Judaism and Zionism 

1995: Israel: The Need for Responsible Dissent in the Peace Process 

1993: Pluralism in Israel 

1993: Peace in the Middle East

1991: The Peace Process in the Middle East 

1989: Women at the Wall

1989: Israel

1987: Israel and the Progressive Movement

1985: Genocide Convention

1983: Israel and the Middle East

1981: Pluralism in Israel and in the Law of Return

1981: Israel and the Family of Nations

1979: Israel and Peace in the Middle East

1977: Israel

1975: Israel and the United Nations

1973: Israel and the Middle East

1971: Israel and the Middle East

1969: Israel

1957: The Middle East

1955: Arms to the Middle East

1953: Israel

1949: Jerusalem and its Holy Places

1948: The State of Israel

1948: Displaced Persons

1947: Seeking Admission of Jews to Palestine

1946: Supplies for Overseas Survivors

1946: Rescue of European Jewry

1946: Displaced Persons

1944: Opposition to British White Paper of 1939

1936: Music and Prayers of Israel

1923: Pro-Falasha Movement

1923: Near East Relief

1915: Woman’s Palestinian Day

2015: Reform Movement Statement on the Iran Deal

2015: Want to Make a Difference in Israel? ARZA in the WZO Elections

2015: Women's History Month, Paycheck Fairness Act, Channel Passion into Action

2013: ENDA, Women in Jewish Organizations, New Israeli Ambassador

2013: Equal Pay, Gene Patenting, Rabbis in Israel

2013: Gun Violence Prevention, Israeli Reform Rabbis

2013: Immigration Reform Call-In Day, Vandalism Against Women of the Wall

2013: Health Care for Military Women, Sports for Israeli Girls

2013: Gene Patenting Case, Women of the Wall Decision

2013: Immigration Reform, Equality at the Kotel

2013: Equality at the Kotel, Religious Freedom in Canada

2012: Sensible Gun Control and Women of the Wall

2012: Reform Movement Speaks Out About Israel, Abortion Access for Military Women, Fiscal Cliff

2012: Support Israel from Home, Montreal's First Jewish Mayor, Native American Women

2012: Fighting Domestic Violence, Deficit Reduction, Canadian MP on Jewish Refugees

2012: Sh'ma Smackdown, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Get Out The Vote

2012: Update from UN Rep, IRAC Op Ed from Anat Hoffman, Fair Minimum Wage

2012: High Holy Days Social Justice Guide, Environmental Standards for Drilling, IRAC Petition

2012: Praise for Bipartisan Commitment to Israel, Health Insurance Marketplace

2012: WRJ Joins Court Brief in Favor of Gay Marriage, News from RAC and IRAC

2012: Supreme Court Critical Rulings, VAWA, One Minute Campaign in Memory of Murdered Israeli Athletes

2012: Success in Miri Gold Case, Gender Segregation in Israel Continues

2012: WRJ Speaks Out Against Gender Segregation in Israel

2012: Take Action on Equality for Reform Rabbis in Israel, Experience the WRJ Blog

2012: VAWA Reauthorization Continued, Anat Hoffman Will Appear on Amanpour

2012: Anat Hoffman's Tenth Anniversary at the IRAC, It's a Woman of the Wall Passover

2012: Or Ami Awardees Continued, Disaster Relief

2012: Important Notice: Hold the Date for Israel, Or Ami Award Winning Projects

2012: Support Strong Juvenile Justice Funding, Segregation in Israel

2011: WRJ Responds to Current Concerns Regarding Israel

2011: Let's Talk Turkey, The Canadian Government Changes its Votes at the UN

2011: Gilad Shalit Comes Home

2011: Attack on Mosque in Israel, Breast and Ovarian Cancer: New Research

2011: 9/11 Tenth Anniversary, Four Hundred Thousand Israelis Marching for Social Justice

2011: Important News to Consider and Actions to Take on Israel, East Africa, and the Paycheck Fairness Act

2011: Israel: Important News and Action

2011: Take Action to Protect Medicaid, Gaza Bound Flotilla - Become Informed

2011: Reserve a Chair for Gilad Shalit

2011: Rabbi Jacobs Speaks at Consultation, CSA Chair on HR 3

2011: Yom HaShoah

2011: ARZA and the Delegitimization Movement Against Israel, Women's Workplace Issues

2011: URJ and ARZA Statement on US Opposition to Proposed Lebanese Resolution to UN Security Council

2010: Carmel Fire in Israel, Israeli Sisterhood to Plant Trees

2010: Support the New START Treaty, Restore Emergency Unemployment Insurance, ARZA Statement: Rachel's Tomb and the Western Wall

2010: New Readings on Jonah

2010: High Holiday Campaign for Gilad Shalit

2010: Women of the Wall Calls on Us to Take a Stand

2010: Urgent Alert: Women of the Wall

2010: Jobs, Child Nutrition, Fighting Poverty, News from Canada and Israel

2010: Reform Movement Response to Gaza Flotilla Incident

2010: Proposed Conversion Bill in Knesset, No Nukes for Iran

2010: We're Almost There - Health Care Reform, World Zionist Congress

2010: Call on Prime Minister Netanyahu to Prevent Passage of Conversion Legislation

2010: Call for Religious Equality in Israel

2010: Anat Hoffman Interrogated by the Jerusalem Police

2010: WRJ Sisterhoods Stand in Solidarity with Women of the Wall


International Conflict

As countless Middle Eastern refugees are displaced by civil war, the WRJ Executive Committee has released a statement urging sisterhoods to educate, donate, and assist in resettling and governments to open their borders and work toward an international solution. WRJ has a long history supporting the rights of the refugees, including through annual resolutions on displaced persons from 1946-1949.

Global Impact Resolutions, Statements, and Advocacy Alerts

2015: The Crisis of Syrian and Other Refugees from the Middle East

2011: Sustainable Consumption and Production (Advocacy Guide)

2007: Divestment Policy to End Genocide in Darfur (Advocacy Guide)

2007: Statement on Iran (Advocacy Guide)

2003: Global Issues (Advocacy Guide)

2002: Human Rights Issues (Advocacy Guide)

2002: Conflict Diamonds (Advocacy Guide)

2000: Landmines

2000: Debt Relief

1999: Crisis in the Balkans

1997: Apprehension and Prosecution of War Criminals

1995: Statement on Bosnia

1993: Ethnic Conflict and Violence

1989: East-West Relations

1987: The United Nations War Crimes Commission and its Archives

1985: Genocide Convention

1983: The Nuclear Threat and Arms Race

1983: Peace Keeping in Lebanon

1983: Central America and the Carribbean

1982: Nuclear Disarmament

1981: Peace and Disarmament

1979: Salt II

1979: Kampuchea (Cambodia)

1979: Diplomatic Immunity: Hostages in Iran

1979: Boat People

1977: Terrorism

1973: Amnesty

1971: Vietnam

1971: The United Nations

1969: Priorities for Peace

1967: Vietnam

1965: The United Nations

1965: Conventions on Human Rights

1963: The United Nations

1963: Genocide Convention

1961: The Peace Corps

1961: Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

1959: Peace and Disarmament

1957: Disarmament

1955: The United Nations

1955: Technical Assistance and Economic Aid

1955: Genocide

1955: Disarmament

1954: Disarmament

1953: United Nations

1953: Unicef

1953: Genoicde

1952: The United Nations

1952: Genocide

1950: The United Nations and Korea

1950: Negotiations for Peaceful Settlement

1950: Genocide

1950: Effective Action Against Aggression

1950: Economic Aid to Underdeveloped Areas

1949: United Nations

1949: Regulation of Armaments and Control of Atomic Energy

1949: Genocide

1948: United Nations

1947: United Nations: Continued Study and Support

1945: United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation

1945: Atomic Energy

1944: Prevention of Mass Starvation

1944: National Peace Conference Proposal

1944: International Organization

1943: Plight Of The Oppressed

1941: Strengthening Ties With Latin And South American Nations

1941: Sisterhoods In Countries At War

1941: Commission To Study Problems Of World Organization

1941: Aid To Threatened Nations

1940: National Peace Conference

1940: Commendation Of The President

1940: Arts Of Peace

1939: Gratitude to President Franklin Roosevelt

1938: Peace Education

1937: World Peace

1934: Word Peace

1931: Resolution on Peace

1929: Participation In World Friendship Project

1927: International Justice Court Endorsed

1927: International Disarmament Urged

1927: Endorse Treaty Of Traffic In Arms Conference

1927: Arbitration Urged

1923: Recommendation for Permanent Peace

1921: Disarmament