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Through WRJ, Reform women have created a unique and vibrant role for women in congregational life and helped women find their spiritual voice.

To foster women’s Jewish growth, WRJ brings new program ideas to women's groups, creates resources to introduce women's rituals and enhance Jewish celebrations, and more. The following resources allow individual members, sisterhoods, and women's groups the opportunity to explore new ways to enhance their cultural understanding and mutual learning through these Jewish experiences.  


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WRJ Speakers Bureau

The WRJ Speakers Bureau offers an opportunity to bring a dynamic, experienced WRJ leader to your sisterhood, women’s group, or district. Our speakers can share various topics with your group, including, but not limited to, leadership development, advocacy, WRJ history and priorities, and fundraising.  

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Tzedakah Collectives

WRJ’s newest program, Tzedakah Collectives, combines women’s philanthropy, Jewish learning, and sisterhood into one easy-to-facilitate program for any size group. It consists of a group of people who pool their donations and decide together where to allocate their money. Pooling donations allows your members to effect even greater change than they could individually. 

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There are a variety of awards and grants available for WRJ affiliated sisterhoods that have shown effective leadership skills, created innovative programs, or engaged members through educational development. These awards include Microgrants and Or Ami Program Awards


WRJ Lilith Salons

Discuss thought-provoking articles from Lilith Magazine at WRJ's Lilith Salons. These meetings bring stimulating discussion about timely Jewish and feminist issues to sisterhoods worldwide so members can learn about new topics, understand different perspectives, and engage in lively conversations.

WRJ/Chai Mitzvah

WRJ is partnering with Chai Mitzvah and encourages sisterhoods, women's groups, and individual members to use their programs to help build and deepen Jewish connections within your congregation and community.

With your support, WRJ strengthens the voices of women worldwide and empowers them to create caring communities, nurture congregations, cultivate personal and spiritual growth, and advocate for and promote progressive Jewish values. Consider making a donation today!


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