WRJ Can Help You Prepare for the High Holy Days

Next month, we will observe the Jewish High Holy Days, and WRJ has everything you need to make this holiday a meaningful and memorable one.

Finding Flavor in the High Holy Days

Join us for an engaging class and cooking demo with Rabbi Emily Langowitz. We will explore the meaning behind the holiday and help you get comfortable with hosting a Rosh Hashanah dinner.

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WRJ Districts

WRJ is the organizational umbrella for hundreds of affiliated sisterhoods, with tens of thousands of members across North America, Israel, and worldwide. The North American affiliates are grouped into eight geographic regions called Districts, which serve as liaisons between WRJ and the affiliated sisterhoods. Today, eight WRJ Districts group WRJ's affiliated sisterhoods throughout North America, each named for the region they represent.

What's New

Parashah Eikev

July 30, 2021
Parashah Eikev, while it may be one of the parashyot in Deuteronomy that we gloss over on our way to Simchat Torah, actually raises several challenging questions and can teach us meaningful lessons.

The Feeling of Going Back to Camp and Being Myself

July 30, 2021
In the midst of this crazy year, I did not expect to have the opportunity to return home. Since I was eight years old, I have been a camper at URJ Camp Newman and the experiences I have gained over these past 10 years have been transformative and life-changing.

Sisterhood Shabbat

July 23, 2021
REST. After a busy six days of work, Shabbat gives us the chance to step back. To breathe. To reflect on our efforts. It is an opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments, connect with our community, and rejuvenate our souls.

Torah Study

WRJ has always advocated for equal rights for women in Jewish learning and worship, bringing a unique, feminist perspective to Reform Jewish study and providing resources from which to learn and pray.

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