Parashah B'shalach

Sandi Firsel
January 13, 2022
What do we do when we approach a crossroads in our lives? These moments define us. Often the path is not clear and we are unsure of what challenges or opportunities lie ahead.  Anticipation, uncertainty, and excitement inhabit our consciousness. Will I make a good decision for myself and others? What would it be like if you were at the shore of the Sea of Reeds on that fateful day when the sea parted? Should we look ahead or behind?

A WRJ Leadership Spotlight!

Zabe Williams
January 13, 2022
What I love most about WRJ is the feeling that I make a difference even as an individual. My donations to the YES Fund help, the advocacy work done through the RAC makes our voices heard and the women I meet.

Parashah Bo

January 6, 2022
Parashah Bo begins with the most dramatic of God’s plagues upon the Egyptians: the infestation of locusts that destroys the life-giving crops, the shroud of darkness that covers the land, and the precise time of the death knell for all the firstborn: at midnight of the fifteenth day of the month of Nissan.

Parashah Va-eira

fredi Bleeker Franks
December 31, 2021
I remember reading this story over and over when I was young. I remember it, of course, as the centerpiece of our family seder, when I would ask my mother “Why didn’t they just run away when they had the chance?” My mother had no answers for me. She just sighed and said that maybe someday I would understand. She told me that sometimes people lost all hope and that they were blind to the possibilities around them. As I get older and wiser, I think I am beginning to understand.

One Hour of Advocacy: Identify, Educate, Prepare, Act and Follow-up

Dana Spiel
Beth Levin
December 22, 2021
We are inspired by the desire to make the world a better place for all, but may have difficulty determining how to proceed. This is true whether it is our first steps on an issue, or the next step in our engagement with it..  There is so much we can do to help those in need, but before we can act, we need to be educated.  Thus, the WRJ Education to Action (E2A) Advocacy Committee was formed to help us in our advocacy journey.

Parashah Sh'mot

Liz McOsker
December 22, 2021
Fear of the stranger and the consequences of this fear are a theme of Sh’mot. And we, the Women of Reform Judaism, are still fighting this fear today, advocating for policies promoting: comprehensive immigration reform including a path to legalization for the millions of undocumented immigrants in the United States, humane treatment for all detained immigrants, including proper medical care and educational and other services for children in detention, and improving the processes for visa renewal and family reunification.

NFTY Leadership – Rising to the Challenge

Lynne Butner
December 20, 2021
From the inception of NFTY: The Reform Jewish Youth Movement, Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) has been helping to support Jewish life for teens in the Reform Movement. From local synagogue youth programs to regional and North American NFTY programming, WRJ’s YES Fund has helped NFTY sustain its efforts and continue to grow.

Parashah Vayechi

Dr. Madelyn Mishkin Katz
December 17, 2021
Let’s be honest. We have all told a white lie at one point in our lives—probably many of them over the years. White lies are usually intended to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. Other times, it may be to be sure we aren’t “found out.” And, frankly, I am sure that many of us have actually stopped to think, “Was that ok?” because no one was hurt, and it was done, for the most part, with the best of intentions.

Navigating the December Dilemma

Rabbi Marla J. Feldman
December 17, 2021
One December day, many years ago, I was approached by a member of my congregation who was extremely agitated and needed to speak with me immediately. “We need to boycott Starbucks!” he asserted. After some gentle probing as to the source of his anger, he explained that when he picked up his daily cup of joe, it was handed to him in their red-with-stars cups for the Christmas season.