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About WRJ Sisterhood

WRJ cultivates sisterhood by empowering Reform Jewish women to find strength, joy, and connection in their communities.

About WRJ

Women of Reform Judaism has made an impact on the Reform Movement throughout its 100+ year history. It has also evolved into an organization that continues to empower women to address the issues of today and develop leaders who will put forth our Jewish values in the future. Meet our leaders and see how you can be a part of an ever-changing organization for Reform Jewish women worldwide. 

Outdoor group photo of Northeast District women

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WRJ offers high-quality programming and resources, invaluable leadership education, opportunities to advocate for the rights of others, and so much more. Above all, WRJ is a network of Reform Jewish women around the world who come together to create caring communities and make a difference in the world.

Districts & Sisterhoods

WRJ Districts

WRJ serves as the umbrella organization for hundreds of sisterhoods, with tens of thousands of members across North America, Israel, and worldwide. The North American affiliates are grouped into geographic regions called Districts, which serve as liaisons between WRJ and affiliated sisterhoods.

WRJ Sisterhoods

Sisterhoods and women's groups are at the core of WRJ. They are groups of active and engaged women who belong to a Reform Jewish congregation, affiliate with WRJ, and work together toward a common cause.

Affiliates & Partners

WRJ Women in Israel

WRJ-Israel Affiliates

WRJ-Israel has grown to include 27 WRJ-affiliated women's groups. Each of these groups has its own goals and runs its own programs in accordance with the WRJ-Israel Mission Statement. These groups have the support of WRJ to build an Israeli Movement that promotes the roles of Israeli women in Reform/Progressive Judaism. 

WRJ Global Affiliates

WRJ is proud to count women's groups from around the world among its ranks. Today, WRJ has global affiliates in South America (Argentina and Brazil), South Africa, and Israel.

WRJ Partners

The WRJ is affiliated with the Reform Movement and part of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ). Learn about the diverse organizations that comprise the Reform Movement, encompassing every age and interest group.