Supporting WRJ's YES Fund

Trina Novak

“You must always be able to predict what's next and then have the flexibility to evolve.” Marc Benioff

I joined my sisterhood and the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods, now Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ), primarily to form connections with other like

On the Road Again

Susan Singer

Last month, I had the honor of traveling to Boston as a WRJ guest to attend both sisterhood and WRJ District events. This came about several months earlier in response to a request submitted to the WRJ Speakers Bureau. As a member of WRJ's Speakers Bureau, I

It’s Part Of My DNA

Cheryl Barenberg

My involvement with WRJ has always been part of my DNA, but I never really became involved until someone from my local sisterhood asked 23 years ago this spring. I guess the adage all you have to do is ask holds some truth.

Are We Living Jewishly?

Becky Markowitz

Are we living Jewishly? This is a very challenging time in the world to think about this question. When Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, 2023 it altered the world, especially the Jewish world.

Fried Women’s Conference

Jenn Daley, WRJ Executive Committee, Marketing & Communications Chair
Michelle Scheinkopf

Jenn: In 2006, I began my sisterhood journey because leaders of my sisterhood deemed it was time for “new blood.” They were tired of always being in charge. At the time, I did not hold a position on the Board and had only assisted on one fundraiser.

Resources for Repro Shabbat

The URJ and WRJ are proud to sponsor NCJW's Repro Shabbat  February 9-10 (Parshah Mishpatim), when the Reform Jewish Movement will join with the wider Jewish community to recommit ourselves to reproductive health and rights.

Joy, Connection, Commitment, and Celebration

Carol Berger

WRJ was in the house for URJ’s 150th celebration in Washington, D.C., at the end of last year! So much love and many hugs as we celebrated the joy of being together IN PERSON.

Resolve to Lean into Your Values

Laurel Fisher

It is time again for New Year’s resolutions - that annual promise that THIS year will be YOUR year. “Out with the old and in with the new! This year I will get organized/learn a new skill/exercise more/travel more.” You get the idea.

While motivation is high

Faith Alexander: A WRJ Leadership Spotlight

Faith Alexander

In our latest District President Spotlight series, meet Faith Alexander! Faith is the current Southeast District President. Learn how Faith developed her leadership skills and more in this Q&A:

How did you come to be a WRJ leader?
I became a sisterhood leader