Thank You WRJ!
-Hannah E.

Dear Women of Reform Judaism/Ms. Marks and Rabbi Feldman,

I wanted to thank you and the Women of Reform Judaism for awarding me a WRJ scholarship for 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy. Until this year I'd never been to overnight camp, so I really didn't want to go at first. It was scary that I would be away from my family for 2 weeks, and I would be living with complete strangers, plus I wouldn't have any electronics to keep me occupied, but I am so happy I went. 6 Points Sci-Tech really changed the way that I think about Judaism. 

After my Bat-Mitzvah I didn't want to pursue my Jewish education any more. I disliked Hebrew school and my temple and the only real connection I had to being Jewish was through my family, but after Sci-Tech I really appreciate being Jewish. All the fun songs and entertaining activities that we did are all related to being Jewish and that reminded me why I love being Jewish. Also I actually loved living with other girls. Even though none of them were in my workshop, which was video game design, we still all had a lot in common. I made tons of new friends who understand the value of being Jewish which is another connection that I share with them. I had so much fun learning and discovering at Sci-Tech, so I can definitely say that Sci-Tech
has changed my life.  

Hannah E.