Public Health


Resolutions & Statements

2011: Issues on Reproductive Rights and Health

2009: Elder Abuse (Advocacy Guide)

2009: Economic Priorities for the New Administration and Congress (Advocacy Guide)

2007: Drug Policy (Advocacy Guide)

2006: Needs of Men and Women in the United States and Canadian Armed Forces (Advocacy Guide)

2006: Ending Global Poverty (Advocacy Guide)

2005: Scientific Integrity (Advocacy Guide)

2005: Child and Adolescent Self-Destructive Behavior (Advocacy Guide)

2004: Health Care Issue: Weight Matters: Obesity, the Most Serious Nutritional Problem in North America (Advocacy Guide)

2003: Stem Cell Research 

2003: HIV/AIDS: A Worldwide Tragedy (Advocacy Guide)

2002: Statement on Stem Cells, Gene Therapy, and Cloning (Advocacy Guide)

2001: Economic Justice (Advocacy Guide)

2001: Complete Health: Mental and Physical (Advocacy Guide)

2001: Children's Health and the Environment 

1999: Health Issues 

1997: End-of-Life Care 

1997: Child Abuse in the Home

1997: Children's Issues in North America

1996: Parental Rights Legislation

1995: Medical Research and Clinical Practice 

1991: Women's Health Care 

1991: Universal Access to Health Care

1989: Reproductive Rights

1989: Substance Abuse: Health Hazard

1987: Ethics in Science and Technology 

1985: 40th Anniversary of the United Nations: Affirmation of Commitment

1983: Plight of the Elderly in Today's Society 

1983: Children and the Family

1983: Alcoholism and Drunk Driving

1981: Missing Children

1977: Children's Rights

1975: Rights of Individuals (Supporting the Elderly)


Advocacy Alerts

2013: Contraception Coverage, Gun Violence Prevention

2013: Comprehensive Sex Ed, Minimum Wage

2013: Equal Pay, Gene Patenting, Rabbis in Israel

2013: Gene Parenting Case, Women of the Wall Decision

2013: LGBT Rights and Gift of Life

2012: Medicaid Expansion, Judicial Nominations, WRJ in the News

2012: Preventing Gun Violence, Health Care for Immigrant Youth, Comprehensive Sex Education

2012: Sh'ma Smackdown, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Get Out The Vote

2012: Social Action Project Ideas, Eradicate Obstetric Fistula Worldwide

2012: Praise for Bipartisan Committment to Israel, Health Insurance Marketplace

2012: WRJ Joins Cour Brief in Favor of Gay Marriage, News from RAC and IRAC

2012: Student Non-Descrimination Act, Childhood Obesity, Jewish Energy Covenant Campaign

2012: Elder Abuse and the UN

2012: VAWA Reauthorization, Or Ami Awards Continued

2012: Health Care Coverage for Birth Control

2012: Featuring the 2011 WRJ Or Ami "Light of My People" Award for Excellence in Sisterhood Programming

2011: Jewish Genetic Diseases

2011: Attack on Mosque in Israel, Breast and Ovarian Cancer: New Research

2011: Inform Your Legislators that You Oppose the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act of 2011

2011: Plan a Mindful Eating Sisterhood Dinner for the Full Harvest Season

2011: Support the DREAM Act Today, Help Make Marijuana Legal

2011: Take Action to Protect Medicaid, Gaza Bound Flotilla - Become Informed

2011: Protect Health Funding, Glen Beck's Rant Against Reform Judaism

2011: New Breast Cancer Study, Protect Reproductive Health Services, Housing on the Gulf Coast

2010: Become Informed: Reform Jewish Movement Welcomes Approval of Cordoba House

2010: Ban on Reproductive Health Coverage, Rotem Conversion Bill, Child Nutrition Reauthorization

2010: Freezing Conversion Bill, Reauthorization of Child Nutrition Legislation

2010: Fighting Poverty with Faith, Child Nutrition Reauthorization, Rotem Conversion Bill

2010: Unemployment Insurance Legislation, CEDAW, Juvenile Justice Call-In, Impact of Holocaust on Breast Cancer

2010: Jobs, Child Nutrition, Fighting Poverty, News from Canada and Israel

2010: Health Care Reform: Thank Your Members of Congress, Tune Into "Blessed is the Match"

2010: We're Almost There - Health Care Reform, World Zionist Congress

2010: Women Helping Impoverished Jewish Mothers, National Medical Marijuana week, Women in Administration FY 2011 Budget Request

2010: Jobs and Unemployment Insurance Extension, Sisterhood Breast Health Programming

2010: New Breast Self-Exam Shower Cards Available, Program Suggestions for Sisterhoods