A Mother's Day Call to Action

May 13, 2024Rabbi Liz P.G. Hirsch

I am a mom. It is one piece of my identity (see also: spouse, daughter, rabbi, Reform Jew) and it is an important part of who I am, today and every day. Creating a better world for our kids is what drives me each day. 

Today, I am thinking about the moms who make tough choices balancing caregiving and work. Today, I am with the women and people who yearn to be parents, with those who cannot be pregnant, and those who do not want to be pregnant. And I am with every mother who is missing her child today: in Israel, in Gaza, and around the world.

Since I became a mom, Mother’s Day has been a call to action for me. So I’m putting out this call to act for Women of Reform Judaism, and I hope for you, as well. Here are three ways to stand up for parents, mothers, families, women, and people who can become pregnant today.

On Mother’s Day, we urge Congress to support the FAMILY Act to provide paid family and medical leave for all workers in America.

On Mother’s Day, we ask Congress to protect fundamental reproductive rights, particularly the Women’s Health Protection Act. 

On Mother’s Day, we demand the return of the hostages. Our hearts are breaking for the parents separated from their children. We hope and pray for them all to come home now. 

What drives you this Mothers Day? Who or what are you speaking up for?

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