A Farewell Message from Marla

June 30, 2023Rabbi Marla J. Feldman

My dear WRJ sisters,

As you can imagine, these final days as the WRJ Executive Director are bittersweet as I prepare to embark on the next stage of my professional journey. While I am looking forward to the opportunities and new adventures ahead of me, I am looking back with heartfelt gratitude for the many gifts I have received from WRJ over the years.

I was deeply touched and honored by the wonderful retirement celebration hosted by WRJ in Chicago in April. As I shared that evening, I am acutely aware that none of my accomplishments have been achieved alone. WRJ is blessed with the most conscientious, dedicated, and passionate staff members imaginable. And the leaders of WRJ with whom I have worked these past 11 + years are wise, engaged, creative, courageous, and generous… there are simply not enough adjectives to properly describe our remarkable leaders, who truly embody the pillars of WRJ: sisterhood, spirituality, and social justice.

I know I am leaving our beloved WRJ in good hands with incoming Executive Director Rabbi Liz P.G. Hirsch. She will add her own unique talents and experiences to lead WRJ to a bright future while remaining true to the core values that have grounded us for over 110 years.

The many blessings I have received from all of you, my WRJ sisters, are more numerous than I can count. These years have been filled with meaningful pursuits, caring relationships, and a great deal of fun and laughter. You have shared with me your joys and your sorrows, opened your hearts and your homes, offered your time and talents to keep WRJ strong, and generously sustained us through both prosperous and lean times. You are the village that it takes to ensure a solid foundation for our future.

This is not farewell, my friends, but hopefully, “see you soon” as I step onto a new career path as an author. For those who do not already know, my next adventure is sharing my new book, Biblical Women Speak (JPS, 2023), which features original and ancient midrash about ten biblical women. You can find out more about the book, my speaking engagements, and ways to stay in touch through my website: www.marlajfeldman.com. Spoiler alert: the book is dedicated to all of you, “my many sisters by choice – the women who have inspired, encouraged, and uplifted me throughout my life and my career.” Thank you, one and all!


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If you would like to honor Marla for her years of service to the Reform Movement, please consider making a donation to the Rabbi Marla J. Feldman Social Justice Fund. 

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