Leadership Spotlight: Phyllis Strasberg

May 25, 2023

As May is Jewish-American Heritage Month, watch what Phyllis has to say about her Jewish-American special customs and traditions. 

District President Spotlight with Phyllis Strasberg


We interviewed Southwest District President Phyllis Strasberg on her leadership experience. Read to find out how she describes her leadership, who she admires, and advice for future leaders. 

How did you come to be a WRJ leader?

My WRJ journey started 26 years ago, and through what I think is a typical way you hear about it — someone asked me!  Back then, I was the fun, young youth group advisor whose travel was funded by Sisterhood (that’s right, my ties to the YES Fund go back to the beginning). A group of amazing women let me lead along with them, so thank you to all of you! 

Describe your leadership in three words:

Fun, welcoming, and inclusive. I make sure we have a great time doing what we love to do and making everyone feel welcome. Last, but not least, I make sure everyone’s voice is heard.


Who is one leader (WRJ or anyone!) you admire?

Choosing just one is hard! I cannot thank you all enough for helping me get here today, but I especially want to thank Laurel Fisher, who has always had time to listen to me blab about anything and has had patience with how I do things. It has been so great learning from and working with you.

What advice do you have for future WRJ leaders?

So many leaders are here for you and continue to be mentors for us. They will always take the time to teach us something, answer the most random of questions, and help fix the easiest of problems. Lean on past and present WRJ leaders for support, and remember to have fun while you can!

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