Women's Rights

The centerpiece of WRJ’s social justice work is our advocacy for the advancement of women in all arenas: in the rabbinate and synagogue life, in the workplace, and in society at large. We fought and will continue to fight to end violence against women and wage discrimination, and to ensure that all women have access to full reproductive rights. Our founding mothers were suffragists before they had the right to vote; we lobbied for the Equal Rights Amendment; and we have marched and mobilized for reproductive rights and women’s health. In the coming years, WRJ will fight against the erosion of these hard-won rights and will continue to be at the forefront of expanding opportunities for women.

Resolutions & Statements

2012: Rights of Women in Israel

2000: Rights of Women and Girl Children Worldwide

1995: 75th Anniversary of Women's Right to Vote in the United States 

1993: Equality for Women

1991: Ratification on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women 

1991: Equality for Women in the Rabbinate 

1991: Crimes Against Women 

1987: Negative Stereotyping

1987: Civil Rights Restoration Act

1985: Women in the Chaplaincy: U.S. Armed Forces

1985: Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1985

1983: Plight of the Elderly in Today's Society 

1983: International Decade for Women, International Year of Youth

1983: Equality for Women

1981: Women's Rights

1979: Women's Rights

1977: Women's Rights

1975: Status of Women 

1973: Equal Rights Amendment

1971: Women in Decision-Making

Advocacy Alerts

2015: Equal Pay Day Brings the Launch of WRJ's Pay Equity Initiative

2015: Women's History Month, Paycheck Fairness Act, Channel Passion into Action

2013: ENDA, Women in Jewish Organizations, New Israeli Ambassador

2013: Emergency Contraception Access, ERA

2012: Success in Miri Gold Case, Gender Segregation in Israel Continues

2012: WRJ Speaks Out Against Gender Segregation in Israel

2012: Support Strong Juvenile Justice Funding, Segregation in Israel

2011: Update on Assembly Resolutions, RAC Search for WRJ Women's Rights Activists

2011: Emergency Call-In Day for the People of South Sudan, Supreme Court Ruling in the Walmart Case

2011: ARZA and the Delegitimization Movement Against Israel, Women's Workplace Issues

2011: International Women's Day, RAC Website

2010: Regina Jonas: World's First Woman Rabbi Ordained in 1935, WRJ Advocacy on on Behalf of Women's Equality in Judaism

2010: Invitation to Join White House Conference Calls on Issues of Concern to Women

2010: An Important New UN Agency: UN Women

2010: Women of the Wall Calls on Us to Take a Stand

2010: Urgent Alert: Women of the Wall

2010: Unemployment Insurance Legislation, CEDAW, Juvenile Justice Call-In, Impact of Holocaust on Breast Cancer

2010: Elena Kagan, Juvenile Justice

2010: Elena Kagan Nominated to Supreme Court

2010: Special Mothers Day Message: Supporting CEDAW, Early Childhood Programs

2010: Aid Earthquake Victims, Women of Faith Leadership Summit, Women, Faith, and Development Alliance Paises WRJ

2010: Women Helping Impoverished Jewish Mothers, National Medical Marijuana Week, Women in Administration FY 2011 Budget Request

2010: Anat Hoffman Interrogated by the Jerusalem Police

2010: WRJ Sisterhoods Stand in Solidarity with Women of the Wall