This District includes the District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina (except Charlotte and Davidson), Virginia, and Charleston, West Virginia.

Welcome to WRJ Mid-Atlantic District!

Greetings from Andrea Stillman, Mid-Atlantic District President

Andrea Stillman Headshot

I am honored to serve as your District President for the next three years.

In March 2023, we prayed, learned, sang, and socialized together at our Making Waves Together District convention in Ocean City, Maryland. From the moment we began at our Ice Cream Social Thursday evening, the excitement was palpable. Long-time members saw and hugged their friends for the first time in many years. Perhaps even more heartwarming was watching these same members welcome and embrace those joining us for the first time.

During a beautiful installation ceremony, the baton was passed from a wonderful executive committee led by outgoing president, Marilyn Morrison, to the new district leaders. While I am so proud to work side-by-side with a group of talented and enthusiastic group of ladies, I want to reiterate my deep-rooted belief that the WRJ Mid-Atlantic District is really about all of us supporting each other and working together. I want to meet as many of you as possible; I want to hear your needs; I want to hear your ideas; and I want to hear your constructive criticism. Without you, success will be elusive.

I began doing that just that this past weekend by joining the Ohef Sholom Temple Sisterhood in Norfolk, VA, for their beautiful Women’s Shabbat service and the next day luncheon. There was so much positive dialog, and I believe I saw many idea bubbles appear, starting with my own. Please invite me to come to your sisterhood events and/or your Board meetings. I will always do my best to join you.

Non-profit organizations rely on volunteerism to run, and the district is no exception. I understand we are all so busy, and we have made so many of our opportunities into huge commitments of time and other resources. I am dedicated to expanding ways you can get involved by meeting you where you are. Volunteering brings you closer to our mission and enables opportunities for personal growth and friendship. You are all valuable; we do not measure your value in the number of hours you have to give. With all that is going on in our country and abroad, this is an opportune time to join together as Reform Jewish women.

To close, I want to thank Marilyn Morrison, Margee Greenfield, and Louise Johanson for their service to the MAD Executive Committee. Notice I did not say goodbye. Marilyn will be active as our Immediate Past President, and Margee and Louise are just a phone call away, always willing to help.

I end by extending a heartfelt welcome and thank you to the new Executive Committee. You will meet all these extraordinary women on our website, in the Candle, at meetings, and Zoom programming over the course of the next few months.

In Sisterhood,


A Bit of Business, A Bit of Fun

District Board Meeting

Logo of The Word Mavens

           A Mid-Atlantic District In-Person Event

           Sunday, January 14, 2024

          10:00 AM- 2:00 PM

          Temple Beth Ami, Rockville, MD                       

A magical blend of learning, forming friendships, exchanging informatioand smiles happen when our Mid-Atlantic women come together in-person. To maximize this opportunity, we want to blend our MAD Board* meeting with a fun event for all women to attend. This half-day event will include:

  • Updates on MAD District and WRJ initiatives
  • An exchange of ideas and suggestions
  • Schmoozing over lunch
  • A laugh out loud performance by the Word Mavens

To encourage more women to join this event, we have built in a bit of an incentive. New attendees as well as any of our current Board members* who bring a new attendee will pay a reduced registration fee. In addition, we know that some of our women must travel more than others to get to any of our in-person programs. We have planned this event at a time when many can come and return home in a day. For those who would prefer to stay overnight, we will try our best to match you with a local district member who has an extra bedroom.

The educational and entertaining Shmoozing With The Word Mavens”” program celebrates Jewish traditions, holidays, beloved foods, and the Yiddish and Hebrew words that describe them. Their program which includes everything from fun facts about bagels to why there is no substitute for a good Oy!” – rekindles childhood memories and makes audiences laugh out loud.

To register, see menu of fees and payments: https://square.link/u/hOacdzwp

Questions: Contact Andrea Stillman, wrjmadpres@gmail.com

For rooming match: Contact HarrietAnn Litwin, hslitwin@msn.com

*MAD Board members are current officers, area directors, committee chairs, and sisterhood presidents/designees; past district presidents; and WRJ individual members. A new attendee is anyone who has not attended a past district event.

Order Your District Cookbook

Cookbook Cover

Over 80 tried and true recipes were collected from our sisterhood members for our virtual cookbook. The recipes include appetizers, sides, entrees and desserts. Also included are tips and tricks and menu ideas. Proceeds from the sale of our cookbook will be used to help women who don’t have the means to send their children to Jewish camp and allow those leaders to attend district meetings and conventions. Funds will also support social action and advocacy projects at those events. We hope you find inspiration in these pages!

"Nothing to Do, Nothing to Buy" District Fundraiser

MAD “Giving Thanks for an Easy to Do Fundraiser”

The WRJ Mid-Atlantic District (MAD) believes in giving tzedakah, especially to help women and their children. Last year, MAD gave away $5472 in scholarships, helping first-timers attend our in-person Kallahs, District Conventions, and URJ Camps. We are asking for your financial support to our Scholarship Fund again this year. Your generosity will allow us to expand our scholarship efforts.

We don’t want YOU to bake anything! We don’t have swag for YOU to buy, and best of all, YOU don’t have to buy YOURSELF a new outfit or get YOUR nails or hair done for a gala you don’t want to attend. Doesn’t that sound great?

We do want you to have a good laugh and show your appreciation for not having to do any of those things as you contribute to a worthwhile cause. Add up your donation amount from all that apply!

  • I don’t want to bake, so here is what I would have spent buying cupcakes: $18
  • I don’t want to buy another item for my junk drawer: $36
  • I don’t want to beg my family, friends, or co-workers again: $48
  • I don’t want to exercise, meditate, count calories or carbs…so here is what it will take to alleviate my guilt: $72
  • I don’t want to attend a fancy dinner or gala, so here is what I would spend on my nails and hair: $90
  • A new outfit costs how much?  Take this amount instead: $126
  • Please take me off your volunteer list (good for one pass) so I don’t have to ignore your emails, texts, and phone calls or avoid you at the supermarket: $144
  • I am making this donation because I don’t want to do any of the above, but, I really do appreciate all the wonderful women that do!   $____

                                                                                  This is my total donation!!!! $                        

Link to give YOUR generous support to the MAD’s Scholarship Fund:


Alternatively, it’s easy to donate by check: total the sum above, fill out the form below, snail mail your form and your total tzedakah donation, checks made payable to: “WRJ Mid Atlantic District” C/O: Rita Brickman, 3213 Tennyson St NW, Washington, DC 20015 by December 15, 2023.





Toda Raba! Thank YOU in advance for supporting the MAD Scholarship Fund!

Israel at War: Statement from WRJ and Resources

closeup of a microphone with stage lights blurry in the background

Reform Jewish Women Condemn Kidnappings, Other Crimes of War, Targeting Women, Children, and the Elderly by Hamas

New York, NY - Following reports of kidnapping, violence against women, and other crimes of war carried out by Hamas fighters during their unprecedented ambush of Israel, Rabbi Liz P.G. Hirsch, Executive Director of Women of Reform Judaism, released the following statement:  

 “This weekend, as we celebrated Shabbat and Simchat Torah, we woke up to the horror of Hamas’ brutal assault on Israel's people. Hundreds of people have been murdered, injured, and kidnapped. Disturbingly, Hamas has threatened to execute hostages if Israel continues to defend itself with retaliations into Gaza.  

“Once again, in a time of conflict, women, children, and the elderly are subject to violence and brutality. Several women were human targets at a dance festival; a young mother and her two daughters were captured in their home; an 85-year-old grandmother was abducted from a kibbutz and now serves as a hostage in Gaza. Led by our Jewish tradition, Women of Reform Judaism is dedicated to protecting the vulnerable. 

“Endemic even in times of peace, the risk of sexual-based violence only increases during armed conflict. Sexual and gender-based violence must never be a tactic of war. United Arab List chair Mansour Abbas even called on Palestinian factions to release the imprisoned, citing that these actions go against Islamic values. A humanitarian response is the only answer. 

“Women of Reform Judaism remains steadfast in our support of our partners in Israel. Pidyon shvuyim, the Jewish duty to release captives, is considered the “greatest mitzvah” by the prolific teacher Maimonides. Aligned with our longstanding record, we call on the international community to act swiftly to release hostages and get one step closer to peace. As the violence persists, we pray for the millions of Israelis and Palestinians who are now in harm’s way from Hamas’ continued attacks.”  

Please refer to the WRJ Israel Support Resource Guide below for ways to help our sisters and brothers in Israel.

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