Rosanne Selfon

Voices of WRJ - Yitro

Rosanne Selfon
February 5, 2021

Oh my, Parashah Yitro packs a wallop! There is much to consider. The Reform Judaism website summary for Yitro states:

  • Yitro brings his daughter Zipporah and her two sons, Gershom and Eliezer, to his son-in-law, Moses. (18:1-12)
  • Moses follows Yitro's...

Voices of WRJ: Lech L'cha

Rosanne Selfon
October 29, 2020


I need to share something with you. Ready? Lech Lecha is MY FAVORITE TORAH PORTION!!!

Okay, I admitted it, said it aloud, and shared it with all my WRJ sisters.

How did I come to that conclusion; you ask? 1. Lech Lecha was my Bat Mitzvah portion in.

WRJ Voices: Lech L'cha

Rosanne Selfon
November 8, 2019

“The Eternal said to Abram, ‘Go forth from your land, your people’s land, your father’s house, to the land that I will show you.’” Genesis 12:1

Go forth…just do it…move on…

How many times have you been stuck, whether physically, emotionally, or...

WRJ Voices: Chukat

Rosanne Selfon
July 12, 2019

Chukat, this week’s parasha, reveals the deaths of both Miriam and Aaron, not only significant leaders of the Jewish people, but siblings of perhaps our greatest leader Moses.

WRJ Voices: Pinchas

Rosanne Selfon
July 6, 2018

She called me “headstrong” and meant it as a compliment.  I wasn’t so sure I liked that description, so I decided to check the dictionary – my leather-bound, 1966 high-school-gifted Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary. It said headstrong could be...