The Atlantic District includes New Jersey, Pennsylvania (except Erie), Wheeling and Morgantown, West Virginia

Welcome to WRJ Atlantic District!

A Message from Atlantic District President, Lori Motis

Dear Sisters,

WRJ Atlantic District President, Lori Motis headshot

Welcome to the WRJ Atlantic District website! Even though we may all be at different stages of our leadership development, the District is here to work toward bringing out women’s potentials. We are working together to help District women in “Reaching New Heights” in the coming term through our programming and outreach efforts.

This website is a great reference guide. We will post our upcoming events here, so check back to keep up to date. There is information in our District Manual about our District, by-laws, policies and procedures, District forms, and contact information. We also have information about opportunities for giving to our two District Funds and our Alumnae group.

Feel free to email to stay in touch. Join our District conference calls, attend District and local area events. Stronger together, we contribute to the Jewish people as we do the work of WRJ and our District.

In Sisterhood,



Lori B. Motis

WRJ Atlantic District President

Alumnae Group - Past Director Search

We are looking for our district's past leaders from District 4, 5, and the Atlantic District. If you are a past District President, past District Board member - elected or appointed - a past sisterhood president, or a past District WRJ Board member, please join our reinvigorated group. This group will help us connect/reconnect with each other and support our current leaders. One of the things we will support with our alumnae commitment dollars is the Nanci Pompan Leadership Development Fund.

  1. Name our group - Submit your entry. The winning submission will win a $25 Amazon gift card.
  2. Sign Up - Application to Join
  3. Spread the Word - Send names and contact information of people we can add to our alumnae contact list. Copy and paste into your social media, women's group posts, etc.

For more information, contact: Becky Markowitz, WRJ Atlantic District Alumnae Chair

Advisory Board: Kareen Hartwig, Lynn Magid Lazar & Rosanne Selfon

Women standing in a circle holding onto strings linked to each other (like a web)

Each sisterhood and women's group in the Atlantic District is entitled to a District speaker once every two years. Most sisterhoods request a speaker for their own sisterhood, alone, but you may instead request a speaker for a joint event with one or more other affiliated sisterhoods in your city or local area.

For more information, visit our Speakers Bureau FAQs page. 

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District Giving & Philanthropy

Celebrate Everyday Happenings!

Send a donation of $18 or more and we will send a lovely acknowledgement card to whomever you designate. Your gift will not only bring joy or comfort to those you honor, but it will also provide scholarship funds to train our future leaders and ensure that Reform Judaism remains strong into the future.

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Donation Form >

Yes Fund

Every year, we like to send information about the WRJ YES Fund and the Atlantic District JMG Youth Fund. Also for your convenience, we include the YES Fund Allocations to share with your sisterhood and a link to the YES Fund video.

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What's New

Sharing Our Stories: Beshert

June 25, 2021
Though I was not born or raised a Jew, everything in my life has guided me to Judaism as if I were being directed to a goal, as if it were beshert. I grew up in Lima, Peru, and my parents raised me in the Catholic faith. However, I found no fulfillment in that view of God or society. I asked many questions and was discouraged from doing so. I also could not abide by the minimization of women in my culture and the parallel subservience under the Catholic Church in Peru. Little by little, I found a new path...

My Jewish Feminist Journey

May 28, 2021
I was born in 1961 with the last name Schwartz-- an indication to most, despite red hair and freckles, that I am Jewish. I grew up in a stereotypical, traditionally gendered, 1960s non-Jewish, white, middle-class neighborhood in the western suburbs of Philadelphia.

What's New

Parashah Eikev

July 30, 2021
Parashah Eikev, while it may be one of the parashyot in Deuteronomy that we gloss over on our way to Simchat Torah, actually raises several challenging questions and can teach us meaningful lessons.

The Feeling of Going Back to Camp and Being Myself

July 30, 2021
In the midst of this crazy year, I did not expect to have the opportunity to return home. Since I was eight years old, I have been a camper at URJ Camp Newman and the experiences I have gained over these past 10 years have been transformative and life-changing.

Sisterhood Shabbat

July 23, 2021
REST. After a busy six days of work, Shabbat gives us the chance to step back. To breathe. To reflect on our efforts. It is an opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments, connect with our community, and rejuvenate our souls.