The Atlantic District includes New Jersey, Pennsylvania (except Erie), Wheeling and Morgantown, West Virginia

Welcome to WRJ Atlantic District!

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A Message from Atlantic District President, Jan Shaw

Welcome to the WRJ Atlantic District website! After three years of not being together, in person, it’s our goal to make you feel seen and heard. Whatever stage of your WRJ journey, the District is here to work toward bringing out the best in you and to make this world a better place. We are working together to help District women in “Keeping the Flame Alive” in the coming term through our programming and outreach efforts.

This website is a great reference guide. We will post our upcoming events here, so check back to keep up to date. There is information in our District Manual about our District, by-laws, policies and procedures, District forms, and contact information. We also have information about opportunities for giving to our two District Funds and our Alumnae group.

Feel free to email me to stay in touch. Join our District conference calls, attend District and local area events. Stronger together, we contribute to the Jewish people as we do the work of WRJ and our District.

In Sisterhood,


Jan M. Shaw

President, WRJ Atlantic District


District Giving & Philanthropy

Celebrate Everyday Happenings!

Send a donation of $18 or more and we will send a lovely acknowledgement card to whomever you designate. Your gift will not only bring joy or comfort to those you honor, but it will also provide scholarship funds to train our future leaders and ensure that Reform Judaism remains strong into the future.

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WRJ Atlantic District Speakers Bureau

2 Women Presenting to A Group

Each Atlantic District affiliated sisterhood/women's group is entitled to a WRJ Atlantic District speaker once every two years. If a group of sisterhoods/women's groups are holding a joint event they can also request a District speaker. In addition each sisterhood/women's group is entitled to a WRJ speaker once every 2 years. For more information on an Atlantic District Speaker check out our Speaker Bureau FAQs. 

On the WRJ Blog

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I am a mom. It is one piece of my identity (see also: spouse, daughter, rabbi, Reform Jew) and it is an important part of who I am, today and every day. Creating a better world for our kids is what drives me each day.

Why WRJ? My Leadership Journey

My journey with Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) began in 1999 in Chicago, Illinois. The sisterhood at my congregation had been floundering and then disbanded. The senior rabbi asked me to help re-establish the women’s group. I was honored, excited, and frightened all at the same time.